Marble Duvet Cover Set


Loud in the streets, soft in the sheets. Your bed will make or break your room, and having luxurious sheets make a world of a difference. These marble covers will spice up your bedding big time! Available in a multitude of sizes.


  • US Twin: 1pc duvet cover 175x220cm (68x86inch), 2pc pillowcase 50x70cm (19x27inch)
  • US Full: 1pc duvet cover 200x230cm (78x90inch), 2pc pillowcase 50x70cm (19x27inch)
  • US Queen1pc duvet cover 229x229cm (90x90inch), 2pc pillowcase 50x70cm (19x27inch)
  • US King: 1pc duvet cover 260x229cm (102x90inch)2pc pillowcase 50x90cm (20x35inch)
  • UK Single: 1pc duvet cover 135x200cm (53x78inch), 2 pc pillowcase 50x70cm (19x27inch)
  • UK Double: 1pc duvet cover 200x200cm (78x78inch), 2 pc pillowcase 50x70cm (19x27inch)
  • UK King: 1pc duvet cover 220x240cm (86x94inch), 2pc pillowcase 50x70cm (19x27inch)
  • AU Single: 1pc duvet cover 150x200cm (59x78inch), 2 pc pillowcase 50x70cm (19x27inch)
  • AU Queen: 1pc duvet cover 210x210cm (82x82inch), 2 pc pillowcase 50x70cm (19x27inch)
  • AU King: 1pc duvet cover 210x245cm (82x96inch), 2pc pillowcase 50x70cm (19x27inch)

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